Shoppers ‘absolutely disgusted’ by £100 parking fine

Dennis Barsby was visiting Ipswich from Doncaster when he received the fine Picture: ARCHANT/DENNIS

Dennis Barsby was visiting Ipswich from Doncaster when he received the fine Picture: ARCHANT/DENNIS BARSBY - Credit: ARCHANT/DENNIS BARSBY

A couple visiting Ipswich from Doncaster left the town with more than they bargained for after being slapped with an £100 parking fine.

Dennis Barsby pulled into the NCP Tacket Street car park while he was spending a few days in Ipswich with his wife - but he quickly realised you could only park there for four hours.

He drove out of the car park a few minutes later and parked in the nearby 24-hour complex.

Now back in Doncaster, the couple were shocked to receive an £100 fine from the company this week - despite only being in the original car park for 10 minutes.

"I am absolutely disgusted," said Mr Barsby.

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"I intend on fighting this fine. We pulled into the town centre car park last month - I'd never been in before because we live in Doncaster.

"We were away for a few days and when we went to pay we realised it was only for four hours max where the one next to it was for 24 hours.

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"We then cancelled our payment and parked in the other car park - we have still got the valid ticket - and now we have received an £100 fine for parking for ten minutes."

According to the letter NCP sent Mr Barsby, ANPR cameras operate in the car park and recorded when his car entered and left.

Representatives for the company have been asked to comment.

MORE: Revealed - The top five parking ticket hotspots in IpswichThis is the latest in a string of parking fines handed out at town centre facilities.

In January, Sandra Bates was fined £100 after she spent 12 minutes hunting for a parking space in the Tower Ramparts NCP.

She has since had the charge cancelled, after she contacted this newspaper.

Just over a month later NCP waived another £100 parking fine issued to an Ipswich couple who parked in the wrong car park to give blood.

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