‘Deal with it!’ Residents’ plea to police as stone-throwing vandals start crime spree

Castle Court in Ipswich. Picture: ANDREW PAPWORTH

Castle Court in Ipswich. Picture: ANDREW PAPWORTH - Credit: Archant

Trouble on a housing estate plagued by anti-social behaviour has escalated once again due to a group of youths reportedly hurling stones at windows of terrified residents.

Garrick Way in Ipswich. Picture: ANDREW PAPWORTH

Garrick Way in Ipswich. Picture: ANDREW PAPWORTH - Credit: Archant

Residents of Garrick Way and Castle Court have bluntly told police to “deal with it” after repeatedly calling officers with two to three incidents per night from the vandals, who are also said to be shouting verbal abuse and vandalising property.

Officers say they have responded to the concerns and arrested a 14-year-old girl on Wednesday, December 19 on suspicion of possession of a class B drug.

The estate in Whitton, Ipswich, where there is a lot of sheltered housing, endured a torrent of crime from people being violent and even setting fire to things earlier this year.

A public meeting in September attended by more than 100 people and a subsequent police crackdown appeared to resolve the problem, with community protection written warnings served to the parents of two youths and several officer patrols taking place in the week afterwards.

Garrick Way in Ipswich. Picture: ANDREW PAPWORTH

Garrick Way in Ipswich. Picture: ANDREW PAPWORTH - Credit: Archant

But Castle Court resident Simon Tuddenham, who organised the original public meeting earlier in the year, said: “It all seems to have kicked off again. They’ve started throwing stones and kicking over plants.

“One lady said to me: ‘Can you get me some milk, I’m scared to go out.’

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“I’m just concerned it will be like we had last time. What are they going to do next?

“There are quite a few people getting angry about it and I don’t want anything stupid to kick off.

“Sheltered housing is somewhere people who’ve worked all their lives can go for their retirement.”

Mr Tuddenham even took to writing an email to Suffolk police chief constable Gareth Wilson asking: “Do I have to call another public meeting to stir you into action?

“Deal with it.”

Inspector Kevin Horton said: “Following concerns raised by the local community regarding activity in north-west Ipswich, including in Garrick Way, officers have been working with our partners to resolve the issues.

“We fully understand the distress such crime can have on residents and how it can blight communities, cause upset and distress and affect their quality of life.

“Anyone who experiences anti-social behaviour should contact Suffolk police on 101.”

Castle Hill ward councillor David Goldsmith, who represents the area on both Ipswich Borough and Suffolk County councils, said he would raise the issue with the police’s safer neighbourhood team in the area.

“All around the shops we have these problems,” he said. “We’ve got problems everywhere with young kids.

“If these youngsters are intent on doing something, they’ll do it. If there’s a problem, police do step up patrols.”