Around-the-world cyclist Gary Taylor from Ipswich reaches USA

Gary Taylor in Australia.

Gary Taylor in Australia. - Credit: Archant

An Ipswich cyclist who is attempting to circumnavigate the globe on his bike has his sights set on home after 16 months of travelling – all without shaving or cutting his hair.

Gary Taylor is in San Francisco and is planning to get to the east coast of America in no more than two months.

The former forklift driver will then spend four to six weeks travelling through Europe and he hopes to be back in Ipswich by November.

“I’ve taken four boats, five planes, four bamboo/barrel rafts and accepted one lift,” the 31-year-old said.

“I’ve slept in barns, garages, petrol stations, kiosks, castles, bus-stops, picnic benches, train/plane/bus stations, mosques, stupas, temples, graveyards, construction sites and a couple of hotels – not to mention being hosted by an array of amazing, generous people from all corners of the globe.

“I’ve fallen off twice, thrown one tantrum and taken one, long, trip to the dentist. I’ve set fire to myself once, and I’m yet to shave or cut my hair.”

In total Mr Taylor has cycled 24,135km through 22 countries on four continents. The highest temperature he has endured is 52.6C (126.68F) and the lowest is –12.4C (9.68F). But most importantly Mr Taylor has raised more than £4,200 for Colchester-based charity Re~Cycle, which takes in unwanted bikes, fixes them, and sends them to Africa to help people better access education, work, food and water.

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According to the Guinness World Records, Mr Taylor has to pass through two antipodal points to have officially cycled around the world.

He has made it to the first – New Zealand – and the second will be Seville, Spain.

Mr Taylor added: “A big ‘thank you’ to anybody who’s donated – please keep it up and spread the word to your friends, colleagues and social media acquaintances to help us get that figure even higher.”

To donate, visit: