Asda promises to work with Ipswich community on petrol application

Stoke Park ASDA - car park area has plans for new petrol station.

Stoke Park ASDA - car park area has plans for new petrol station. - Credit: Gregg Brown

Supermarket giant Asda has denied it has “jumped the gun” after notices claiming Ipswich council had given it permission to build a new filling station only days after the planning application was lodged.

The notice in Asda's Stoke Park store.

The notice in Asda's Stoke Park store. - Credit: Archant

The company wants to build a four-pump fully-automatic filling station in front of its Stoke Park store.

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The application has prompted concerns from many neighbours in the basically-residential area. They are worried about noise, smell, and about the safety implications of having a filling station just yards from their homes.

Irritation was heightened when notices were seen in the store saying that the application had been granted – and that three months’ work on the project would start in November.

The planning application was only formally registered with Ipswich council on June 16 – and the planning process for relatively complex issues like this takes several weeks. It is not expected to be discussed by members of the planning committee until late summer or early autumn.

A spokesman for Asda said the notices were put up by a member of staff at the store who did not understand the details of the planning process.

He said: “Our planning application was submitted only a week ago and still has to work through the formal planning process.

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“We’re excited about the prospect of bringing low-cost fuel to our customers and look forward to working with local representatives, our neighbours and Council Officers as our proposals progress.”