Assurance from police over resort youths

Police have denied reports that gangs of youths are terrorising people in Felixstowe town centre.

FELIXSTOWE: Police have denied reports that gangs of youths are terrorising people in Felixstowe town centre.

Officers have reassured the public following claims by mum Tracy Johnson that a group of young people gathering on The Triangle in Hamilton Road were intimidating and following people.

Mrs Johnson, who lives in Felixstowe and has three teenage children, said there was a gang of about 15 youths involved.

“They follow and intimidate people and they have struck out on many times on young people,” she said.

“As a mother I want to know what the police are going to do about it, but they seem to be in denial that there is a problem in Felixstowe.”

She claimed one young man was so badly kicked he needed hospital treatment, and some of the youngsters involved were boasting about there exploits at school.

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Inspector Steve Gallant, of the Felixstowe Safer Neighbourhood Team, said The Triangle is regularly patrolled by police officers and police community support officers.

“While there are at times young people gathered there, mainly at lunch times and during the early evening, we have not been called to any reports of 'gangs' causing trouble,” he said.

“The area is also covered by CCTV and no issues have been reported.

“Both the police and local schools take any reports of violence or threats seriously and we work together to address any issues.”

He would be happy to meet with Mrs Johnson to hear her views and discuss her perceptions.

Anyone with concerns about anti-social behaviour can talk to the Safer Neighbourhood Team by calling 01473 613500.

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