Attempted murder victim, 73, suffers nightmares of attack

FELIXSTOWE: Family of a man who was the victim of an alleged murder attempt have told of how nightmares of his ordeal are giving him sleepless nights.

Relatives of Malcolm Gordon Hockley, known as Gordon, are also worried about him going back to his bungalow in Exmoor Road, Felixstowe, where the incident happened – and last night there was further distress to the family after hospital staff suddenly said he could be released.

With the bungalow not ready for his return, they are hoping owners Flagship Housing will be able to send help quickly.

He has been in Ipswich Hospital recovering from wounds to his throat and head, and injuries to his hands, lower body, face and back.

His sister, Linda Moyes, who lives in High Road West, Felixstowe, said: “Staff at the hospital have told us of a nightmare he had – going over what happened. It was very distressing.

“Flagship Housing are sending in a specialist team to clean up his bungalow, but we don’t know if it is a good idea for him to go back there.

“It may be too terrible to go into the bungalow again with all those memories.

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“We think it is too early to say, but it is a real worry. We will be keeping a very close eye on him and spending lots of time with him.”

Mrs Moyes said her brother, 73, was making a good recovery from his injuries, but the family was still coming to terms with what had happened. “Gordon is doing well and has been out of bed walking around,” she said.

“He is still in some pain and they have had him on morphine. He is a bit up and down and is worried about whether he will ever be able to go for walks again, but we have told him to concentrate on getting better and not to worry.

“It has been quite shocking for us all. I keep thinking about what could have been, what might have been, and going over and over it.”

The incident happened at about 6.20pm on Saturday at Mr Hockley’s home in Exmoor Road, a quiet collection of bungalows mainly lived in by elderly people.

It is understood Mr Hockley’s injuries are alleged to have been caused by a carving knife and a spade.

After being taken into custody at Ipswich police station, the suspect, believed to be 66-year-old John Hubbard, was released on bail and taken to a secure location.

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