Avaaaaaaaaast ye timbers ...or you’ll walk the plank!

FAAAILIXSTOWWW: Shiver me timbers ’n’ splice the mainbrace, today’s a day t’ celebrate yo owd briny n’ raise a toast t’ Davy Jones.

A’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day – ’n’ ye Evenin’ Starrrrrrrr’s enterin’ in’a the spirit with a vengeance.

A’s not jus’ us gettin’ inta it either – a dozen or so scurrrvy knaves gathered at Lang’ard Fort ta mark it wi’r a real flourish.

Roger ’n’ Penny Brookes are used t’ this dressin’ up lark – but usually they are slightly more refined!

“We’re 17th century re-enactors,” said Roger. “We were in the Sealed Knot (which recreates Civil War battles) for many years.

“We recreate as accurately the life and times of those times and go to a lot of trouble to be as authentic as possible. This is a bit more relaxed. It’s all done for fun. Arrrrrgh!”

Their family and friends from the world of amateur dramatics joined them to entertain the visitors.

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The promise of a noggin of rum ’n’ all the plunder I could take from the Norrrth Sea porrrrt was enough to get me into the full kit (plus a sight of the editor’s credit card to book the costume!).

’N’ me research inta the lives a’ real pirates suggests thar not all they’re cracked up ta beee.

But who cares. As you go in’a wort t’day give the boss a good owd Grrrrrrrrrrrrr ’n’ snarl yer way through t’day – wha’s he gonna do? Make yer walk the plank?

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