Awareness courses begin for speeders

SPEED awareness courses will take place for the first time in Suffolk tomorrow.

SPEED awareness courses will take place for the first time in Suffolk tomorrow.

Suffolk Constabulary is offering selected drivers caught speeding in 30mph areas the opportunity to attend a course as an alternative to three penalty points and a £60 fine, or attending court.

Suffolk County Council's road safety team will run the training along with a group of driving instructors.

The first course will take place tomorrow in Claydon and will include a theory workshop and a practical driving session.

It is intended to run future courses in the north and west of the county.

Chief Inspector, Martin Barnes-Smith said: “The aim of the course is to modify the behaviour of people who speed and to help drivers develop a personal speed awareness strategy so as to avoid future lapses.

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“Reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured in road collisions is one of four key priorities that we are focusing on in order to make Suffolk's roads safer for everyone.”

Councillor Guy McGregor, responsible for road safety, said: “We believe that education is often more beneficial than prosecution and as part of Suffolk County Council's casualty reduction programme, such courses are seen as a positive contribution and underpin our existing partnership working.”

The course, run to a national syllabus, will cost £105 and is self financing. It aims to provide an opportunity for drivers to receive help and advice by exploring the reasons why they and others have exceeded speed limits.

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