Baby Evie could be forced to spend first Christmas in the Dominican Republic as doctors question whether she is big enough to fly

Daniel Compton with daughter Evie

Daniel Compton with daughter Evie - Credit: Archant

The parents of baby Evie Compton have spoken of their heartache after revealing it is unlikely she will be allowed to fly home to Ipswich for Christmas.

Sharon Halls and Daniel Compton

Sharon Halls and Daniel Compton - Credit: Archant

Sharon Halls and Daniel Compton’s daughter, Evie, was born on September 28 - 12 weeks early - while they were on holiday in the Dominican Republic attending a friend’s wedding.

Miss Halls, 36, gave birth in hospital after an infection triggered early contractions. The couple set up an online fundraising page to cover the hefty costs of Evie’s treatment before their insurance company agreed to cover the costs a few days later.

Since then, the couple clung on to growing hopes that they and Evie would be allowed to fly home in time for Christmas.

But yesterday, Miss Halls revealed that there is now a strong chance that Evie will be forced to stay in the Dominican Republic due to concerns over her weight and age.

Miss Halls said: “We are still no further forward to knowing what date she will be coming home, but it is looking more likely now that it will be after Christmas, which is sad.

“The medical guy at our insurance company (Infinity Insurance Solutions) spoke to an expert recently who said Evie needs to be at a full-term age and two weeks to be ably to fly, which is the standard for any normal baby.

“We were originally told it would be around eight weeks, so we thought it would be at the end of November or early December.

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“But we have had this new medical advice and we have to listen to it, although it is obviously disappointing. But I will wait with her here until the end of January if that is what it takes. We don’t want to risk anything.

“She is also not putting on weight quite as quickly (as before), but it is more to do with her age than her weight.”

Evie weighed 2lb 10oz when she was born and was 3lbs 9oz when she was weighed last week.

Miss Halls added: “She is in good spirits. Her eyes have not yet fully developed, but we have been told this is normal for a premature baby.

“Everything is progressing I guess, but it’s a shame we won’t be home for Christmas.

“You can’t even tell it is Christmas out here because it is so hot and sunny. It was 32C (90F) the other day, and there is not even a Christmas tree here. But we will make the best of it.”