Banning order for 14-year-old tearaway

FOURTEEN-year-old Tiran Gull has just started a three-year banning order for terrorising his neighbours with a torrent of verbal, racial and physical abuse.

FOURTEEN-year-old Tiran Gull has just started a three-year banning order for terrorising his neighbours with a torrent of verbal, racial and physical abuse.

Gull terrorised his community to such an intolerable extent that magistrates put him on the three year Anti Social Behaviour Order (Asbo).

And although the teenager is under the legal age for identification in normal circumstances, his persistent offences against the community were such that The Evening Star won the right to name him after successfully challenging the ban in court.

Gull, of Whitton Church Lane, Ipswich, was banned from entering four named Ipswich streets, one food store and all Ipswich Borough Council sports facilities by magistrates as part of an Anti Social Behaviour Order.

South East Suffolk Magistrates' court heard how Gull committed 15 offences in a three-year period and caused some of his victims to be afraid to leave their homes.

Gull's spree of vandalism and terror included throwing stones, racial abuse, assaults and theft.

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His former next door neighbours today spoke of their delight at the verdict and said Gull had made their life like "hell in a cell".

Roy and Veronica Clark, of Shakespeare Road, Ipswich, lived next door to Gull's family until they were evicted in April last year.

Mr Clark, 66, said: "We had four and a half years of living hell and I am glad they have gone. Now I can sleep in peace.

"He [Gull] doesn't respect no one as a human being and if you say something to the mother she doesn't want to hear nothing. There are no names he wouldn't call you."

Mrs Clark, 62, believes the health of her husband, who suffers from asthma, deteriorated as a result of the episode.

She said: "My husband is not a well man and this didn't help him at all.

"Over the years we have had so many problems with him. I want a little bit of piece with my husband. He has worked all his life and deserves some peace."

Mr Clark recalled how Gull had even chucked water over him as he stood in his front doorway.

The couple also claims Gull had regularly thrown objects into their garden, tried to cut off their telephone line and damaged their fence.

Mrs Clark said a knife had been thrown into the garden while she was putting rubbish in the bin – narrowly missing her.

She said: "I was out putting rubbish in the bin and a knife came over. That knife could so easily have hit me.

"I was so shocked, I couldn't believe anyone could do that. That was a horrible time and I am so glad that he won't be coming down here anymore."

Inspector Timothy Powell, of Suffolk Police, said Gull had first come to his attention in 1995 when his offending was directed at other children.

Insp Powell said Gull's mother, Dawn Steward, was very "defensive" about the behaviour of her son and "there is certainly a lack of parental control".

The order bans Gull from any Ipswich Borough Council owned leisure facilities, including Crown Pools swimming bathes, Whitton Sports and Community Centre, Gainsborough Sports Centre, Northgate Sports Centre and Maidenhall Sports Centre.

The order also states that he must not enter Shakespeare Road, Meredith Road, Spenser Road and Highfield Road, except for attending a doctors appointment under the supervision of his mother.

He is also banned from behaving in any way that causes alarm, distress or harassment to other people and from entering the Ipswich and Norwich Co-operative store in Meredith Road.

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