Bar's pole dancing bid divides opinion

A CONTROVERSIAL bid to open a pole dancing club in Ipswich has today divided opinion.

A CONTROVERSIAL bid to open a pole dancing club in Ipswich has today divided opinion.

The Curve Bar is hoping to stage erotic dancing on the upstairs floor of its Princes Street building.

It is believed owners would not have to apply for a change in licence because the Curve Bar is already allowed to offer “adult entertainment”.

A spokesman for the council said: “There's likely to be some form of dancing taking place but there is a difference between pole dancing or table dancing and lap dancing, which is defined as a sexual encounter experience.

“There are various licence-related issues - such as the appointment of door staff and various requirements for safety - but the owners don't need a new licence per se.

“If there is any rowdiness then the licence would be reviewed. We're told that we can't object purely on moral grounds.”

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The former Giles Tavern, in Queens Street, stirred up controversy several years ago by introducing pole dancing nights.

Neighbours were opposed to the idea and Ipswich Borough Council was concerned about the noise that was generated.

A spokesman for the Curve Bar, which is currently undergoing a major refurbishment, declined to comment saying they would prefer to release more details nearer the time of the opening, which is planned for mid to late July.

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Name: Sam Petrie

Age: 23

From: Whitton

“It's a great idea and I'd definitely go along. There isn't anything like it here at the moment and it would make the nightlife a bit more exciting. It might attract a few dirty old men though.”

Name: Daniel Baker

Age: 18

From: Chantry

“That's the best idea the council have ever come up with. Are there any jobs going?

“If women choose to do it, it's up to them, and it pays well. Pole dancing is just harmless entertainment.”

Name: Zoe Wilkins

Age: 16

From: Freston

“I don't think they should go ahead with the plans. Some women like doing it and that's fine but if it isn't done tastefully, it becomes degrading.

“I've heard it's a good way to get fit and it makes women feel sexy, but when it takes place in a seedy atmosphere it's going to attract a lot of pervy old men.”

Name: Geertje Hart

Age: 83

From: Stowmarket

“I don't like the idea of women flaunting themselves like that. I wouldn't like my daughter to do it.

“There's nothing desirable or enticing about that kind of display.

“People might think I'm being old fashioned but I'm jolly well not.”

Name: Tomasz Dobrowolski

Age: 25

From: Ufford

“It's not a decision for me to make but I think that if a woman is willing to do it, and isn't forced into anything, then it can't be a problem.

“I don't think I would go along myself though.”

Name: Sophie James

Age: 18

From: Warrington Road, Ipswich

“It's really down to the woman to decide but I think the idea of a pole dancing club is a bit seedy.

“I'm sure it would be immediately popular with young men but that would soon fizzle out.”

Name: Jessica Newton

Age: 18

From: St Edmund's Road, Ipswich

“The council have obviously been trying to raise the profile of Ipswich with the arrival of the new university but a pole dancing club wouldn't help much.

“People will say that the girls are earning plenty of money but that's no justification for giving into male lust.”