Beach artist revealed

UNMASKED . . . the Banksy of the Beach!Earlier this week The Evening Star revealed the stunning beach art that had appeared in Felixstowe.

UNMASKED . . . the Banksy of the Beach!

Earlier this week The Evening Star revealed the stunning beach art that had appeared in Felixstowe.

All people knew was that the stone pictures had been created by an Irish traveller known only as George who seemed to melt away as soon as they appeared.

But now we can reveal he has not gone far . . . just a few miles up the coast more pictures have appeared at Aldeburgh, and this time we've got a picture of the artist at work.

His name is George Geebers, and he's been making his way around the British shoreline developing quite a reputation for himself.

His works have attracted attention at Brighton and now he is working his way north along the east coast.

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Hundreds of people have been stopping to admire the stone works, which he creates after spending hours collecting different coloured stones from the Suffolk beaches before carefully piecing them together into a coastal scene.

A man who does not want to be identified took these latest pictures in Aldeburgh on Wednesday while walking his dog.

“I think George is a homeless man and he is trying to do something positive - which has got to be a good thing,” he said.

Peter Fryer, owner of the old beach hut on Felixstowe's seafront, where mosaics created by George such as a 3D seagull were left earlier in the week, said: “I think it is a lovely picture - it's very clever and it's a lovely thing to have on my old hut site.”

We can also reveal that George had some help in creating one of his sculptures at Felixstowe.

Four-year-old Emily Simmons, of South Hill, Felixstowe, was watching him at work and he allowed her to put some of the pebbles on the wing and back.

Emily's mum Kelly said: “George and his artwork made such an impression on Emily that she took us to see the sculptures when we finished work.

“George was still there and explained to us his love of the beach art and how it let him engage with the public. He had no problem with Emily playing on the platform 'riding' the seagull and adding further pebbles to the boat creating a flag.”

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