Beach hut squash for Kate

HOW many people does it take to fill a beach hut?That was the question these people set out to find while enjoying the Bank Holiday sun in Felixstowe.

HOW many people does it take to fill a beach hut?

That was the question these people set out to find while enjoying the Bank Holiday sun in Felixstowe.

The idea to break the world record for the most people in a beach hut came about after Debbie McCallum, landlady of The Bell pub, in Main Road, Kesgrave, won use of the beach hut for the Easter weekend.

After hours of squeezing and pushing bodies into The Evening Star's beach hut it managed to accommodate 35 people.

Mrs McCallum said: “It was very hot inside because it was such a nice day and we felt like we were in a sauna.

“Luckily I was last in so I didn't have to stand the heat for long. Everyone was a good sport though and because we were only expecting to get in about 30 people we even had to grab some off the beach.”

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Mrs McCallum, who is also an organiser for the Kesgrave Music Festival, won the beach hut at a fundraising bowling event for The Star's Somebody's Daughter appeal.

She decided to run the event to raise the profile of the Somebody's Daughter appeal and for the Kesgrave Music Festival, on August 4, set up in memory of Kate Moyes.

The 29-year-old woman, from Hadleigh, died of cancer almost two years ago in August 2005 and all proceeds from the event go to the Ipswich Hospice.

When Mrs McCullum told some of her regulars that she had use of the hut over the Easter weekend they suggested she tried to break the world record for fitting the most amount of people inside - ever.

She said: “It seemed like a barmy suggestion but a great way to raise awareness of the appeal and to promote the music festival which will be running for the second year.

“We set about inviting people to come along on Easter Monday and about 20 came along to help out. The rest were just passers by.”

The event was logged and sent off to the Guinness World Records and Mrs McCallum hopes to hear back in a couple of weeks as to whether they succeeded.

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The largest simultaneous tea party consisted of 14,718 people drinking powdered green tea (matcha) according to the Japanese tea ceremony and was arranged by the city of Nishio and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nishio, in Nishio-city, Aichi, Japan, on October 8, 2006.

The largest Irish dance involved 7,664 participants at an event organised by the City of Cork council in Cork, Ireland on September 10, 2005.

The largest human mobile was made up of 24 people from the Height Rescue Fire Department Team, at Fire station 33 Veddel, Hamburg, Germany, on June 14, 2003. Suspended from a crane, the lowest point of the mobile was 50 m (164 ft) off the ground.

Twenty members from the Paraclub Flevo of Lelystad, Holland, jumped from a balloon simultaneously at 2,000m (6,500ft) above Markelo, Holland, on May 10, 2003.

The largest wobble board ensemble was organised by the Town of Bassendean, Australia and consisted of 230 participants playing the wobble board for five minutes at the Bassendean Fair and Expo, Ashfield Reserve, Western Australia on November 3, 2002.

Bassendean is artist and musician Rolf Harris' (Australia) home town and he led the ensemble, via video link-up, in a rendition of Tie Ma Kangaroo Down Sport.

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