Bear spotted in Rendlesham Forest

FIRST it was UFOs, then Claws the big cat, now it seems Suffolk's weird and wonderful countryside could be hiding a bear!

FIRST it was UFOs, then Claws the big cat, now it seems Suffolk's weird and wonderful countryside could be hiding a bear!

Three visitors to the notoriously paranormal Rendlesham Forest have contacted The Evening Star to say they have spotted the creatures roaming in the woods in the last few days.

Already UFO experts firmly believe Suffolk is a portal for visiting alien craft - and flying saucers are hovering in the county's skies daily.

Now others believe it is dangerous creatures from this planet that are making the forest their home, although bears are not native to Britain.

One of those who saw the creature is Jenny Pearce who said: “I was on the green at Rendlesham Forest having a picnic with my three-year-old son and his friend's family.

“After the picnic we stayed to play and explore the woods. While we were in the forest I saw a large animal moving through the trees ahead.

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“I thought it was a big dog, so I picked up my son because he has never really got into dogs and gets easily scared. But as it continued away from us it was clearly not a dog.

“It was much bigger and there wasn't anyone there to be walking it if it was a large dog.”

Meanwhile Nick Deptford added: “I've seen some sort of animal in Rendlesham forest this weekend and the people in the forest say that it could only be a deer or a dog, but it was much bigger, more like a bear although I don't think we've got bears here.

“Definitely not aliens this time though like all that stuff that was meant to have happened in 1980!”

But Suffolk animal expert Alec Suttenwood of the Ipswich Wildlife Care and Rescue said it was highly unlikely that bears were actually living in Rendlesham Forest.

“There are no bears I know of, though I've heard big cats reported,” he said.

“Some big dogs like a big chow, which is very hairy, can look like bears.

“I think a bear could survive in Rendlesham Forest but it would be a big danger to people.

“But it is unlikely to be a bear because there is nowhere it could even escape from.”

A spokesman for the Forestry Commission said he had not heard of any bear sightings in the forest and added: “We don't have bears in this country, so it would have to be a release or escape, but we have had no reports of it.

“If people do see a bear they ought to call the police because it would be very dangerous.”

Suffolk police said the force had not received any reports of bear sightings.

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Over the years a number of sightings have been made of a big, black cat, which The Star dubbed Claws, roaming through the county's countryside.

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