Big breakfast to stimulate exam students

FOOD for thought - with bacon butties helping to kick-start the grey matter in exams.

FOOD for thought - with bacon butties helping to kick-start the grey matter in exams.

It's a new strategy being employed by a Felixstowe school which is hoping a big breakfast before their GCSEs will help students' brainpower and set them on the path to some top grades.

Students at Orwell High in Felixstowe are being offered a hearty breakfast before entering the examination hall.

Research has shown a calm and focused start to the exam, plus a good breakfast or lunch, can help concentration and work and improve results.

Peter Tomkins, headteacher at Orwell High, said: “To do well in exams students need to be well prepared and, as well as doing a lot of revision, this means they need to have had breakfast and be calm and relaxed.

“We are, therefore, offering our students the opportunity to be fully prepared for some of the most important core subject exams.

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“Students have told us that these sessions have helped them feel fully prepared for the examination.”

The pre-exam preparation sessions for English and mathematics GCSE students take place as close to the exam as is practically possible and last around 30 minutes and the breakfast or light lunch is free.

Year 11 student Zoe Ireton, who enjoyed a bacon roll before her GCSE English exam, was convinced combined with hard revision, the breakfast would help.

“The breakfast helped me to relax and focus on the exam ahead. It settled my nerves and I'm so glad it helped with my final prep,” she said.

Specialist teaching staff also take the students through the final stages of preparation for the exam during the sessions.

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