Bigger fines for dropping litter

FINES for dropping litter in Ipswich just got higher following the announcement of a massive crackdown.

FINES for dropping litter in Ipswich just got higher following the announcement of a massive crackdown.

Those who are careless about disposing their rubbish now face a stiff penalty fine of £80 - a £30 increase on the previous fine imposed by the borough.

Ipswich Borough Council agreed to the increase, which is in line with other authorities in Suffolk, in a bid to tackle the increasing problem.

Streetcare customer services team leader Glynis Wood is concerned about the amount of litter being dropped across the borough's parks and play areas and feels the increased fine is the only way to help the situation.

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She claimed the problem needs to be sorted now before it escalates in the summer months.

Litter across the parks ranges from broken glass to pieces of plastic and paper left behind after picnics.

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She said: “Our parks are getting smothered in litter so hopefully this increase in fines will scare people into not doing it.

“When we have nice weather, more people use the parks and play areas, which is good, but some people also abuse this.

“Everyone knows it is wrong to drop litter. I hope this will be a deterrent and that people really will think before they forget their litter.

“If they have litter, they should either find a nearby bin or bring it home with them and dispose of it there.”

There are currently two litter enforcement officers who regularly carry out patrols and try to catch the culprits red-handed.

However Mrs Wood explained that problems occur when youngsters break into the parks overnight and leave smashed glass in the play areas as workers cannot always get there as soon as it opens.

If people do not pay the fine, they could face prosecution for the offence and could have to pay a fine of up to £2,500.

However prompt payment within seven days of the issue will see the fine reduced to £60.

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