Bike thieves have been framed

THIS image captures the moment when two young bike thieves made their getaway at Ipswich railway station.

THIS image captures the moment when two young bike thieves made their getaway at Ipswich railway station.

Today, British Transport police are appealing for the public's help in catching the bicycling burglars thought to be behind a spate of thefts.

In a bid to catch the thieves officers have issued a CCTV image of the suspects hoping someone will recognise them.

The station's locked bicycle compound has been targeted in the past, however, officers said it had been reasonably quiet until several thefts occurred within seven days.

Sergeant Paolo Boggi, the officer in charge at the station, said there had been incidents of bike thefts in the past, but nothing recently until this week: “We have been hit for the first time in a month. We had four bikes taken in a week.

“The bikes are kept in a secure compound and the thieves have been lifting them over the top.”

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Sgt Boggi believes the stolen bicycles are being sold on through pawn shops or second-hand shops. On previous occasions they have even been known to be put up for sale on the internet site e-bay.

The same set of youngsters is believed to be responsible for the latest series of thefts.

Police said the culprits do not appear to be stealing specific bikes to order. It seems more likely they have been taking anything that has been easy to steal.

Sgt Boggi said: “A couple of the bicycles were not locked as they were in the secure compound. Having bicycles stolen in this way is rare. Although they are in a secure compound I would urge people to use good quality locks.”

If you recognise either of the thieves in the photograph or know anything about the thefts, which took place early last month, telephone the BTP on 01473 601978. Alternatively contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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