Bildeston teen in Ipswich assault warned of bleak future if he can’t keep his temper in check

Unit 17 in Ipswich.

Unit 17 in Ipswich. - Credit: Archant

A teenager has been warned he faces a bleak future if he can not keep control of his fists.

George Buxton, of Brooksfield, Bildeston, admitted assaulting Daniel Crack at Cardinal Park in Ipswich when he appeared before the town’s South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court.

The 19-year-old committed the offence on December 4.

Prosecutor Lesla Small said it was around 4.30am and Mr Crack was out with friends in the town centre.

He was standing at a taxi rank near Unit 17 nightclub when he heard a man he believed to be Buxton ask a taxi driver if his fare to Hadleigh was going to be free.

Mr Crack started laughing. Buxton was then said to have walked towards him and asked him in a aggressive manner what he was laughing about.

The court heard Buxton then punched Mr Crack, causing his nose to bleed heavily.

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A police officer turned around when he heard a loud cracking noise to see Mr Crack bleeding.

Buxton ran across Cardinal Park towards the town centre.

While the police officer stayed with Mr Crack, a colleague went looking for Buxton.

He was found in St Nicholas Street and arrested.

Magistrates were told that en route to the police investigation centre Buxton told an officer: “I know I did wrong. He kept coming over to my mates and antagonising us.”

Buxton also said he had been drinking Stella Artois and Jack Daniels during his night out.

In his police interview Buxton asked an officer to tell Mr Crack he was sorry for what happened.

Although Buxton did not have any previous convictions, he had received a reprimand for actual bodily harm.

Nicola Pope, mitigating, said there were two groups waiting for taxis. Buxton said it was a friend who asked if a taxi to Hadleigh would be free.

It was claimed Buxton punched Mr Crack to stop him “getting in my face”.

The bricklayer was said to be ashamed and remorseful.

Buxton was fined £300 and ordered to pay Mr Crack £200 compensation.

In addition Buxton was also pay £85 costs and £30 to the victims’ fund.

Chairman of the Bench Bob Skinner told him: “Be warned. You have already had a warning for violence. You have now got a criminal record for violence. It’s a bleak future if you carry on.”

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