Binge drinker jailed

A BINGE drinker has been jailed for attacking a man after kissing his brother in a Suffolk nightclub.

A BINGE drinker has been jailed for attacking a man after kissing his brother in a Suffolk nightclub.

Timothy Warren was “totally drunk” on 15 pints of beer and two jugs of vodka and Red Bull when he punched Steven Runciman in the face at Jokers Nightclub in Stowmarket.

The 52-year-old knew he would become violent after drinking so much but he went out on May 24 intent on getting inebriated Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Jamie Sawyer, prosecuting, said Mr Runciman and his brother Craig had been at the bar when Warren leaned in front of Craig and kissed him on the side of his cheek. Mr Sawyer said: “Craig shrugged his shoulders in amazement”.

He said Warren of Pintail Road, Cedars Park, Stowmarket started laughing and when Steven questioned what was funny the defendant punched him in the face.

Mr Sawyer said Craig then punched Warren and the two brothers were ejected from the club.

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After they called the police Warren was arrested and he pleaded guilty to causing Steven actual bodily harm by damaging his teeth.

During a police interview Warren said he was the full time carer of his wife who suffered with depression and their two children aged seven and 11. He said he was also in debt and had gone out that night intending to get drunk.

The court heard that Warren could spend around £90 a night when he binged on drink but had a history of violent offending related to drinking dating back to 1992.

David Pickersgill, mitigating, said his client was sorry for what he did and had empathy for his victim.

Judge John Devaux said: “You drank vast amounts of alcohol and became totally drunk. That is no mitigation because you knew the effect drink has on you”.

Warren was jailed for 10 months.

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