Boom time for Suffolk tourism

SUFFOLK'S tourism industry looks set for a major boost this summer as more Britains choose to holiday in the UK.

SUFFOLK'S tourism industry looks set for a major boost this summer as more Britain's choose to holiday in the UK.

The UK's largest self-catering specialist has said cottage bookings in Suffolk have increased by 30 per cent on this time last year.

Suffolk Tourism Partnership says there has been a greater interest in the county as a holiday destination with hits to the Visit Suffolk website significantly increasing in the past few months.

Francis Guildea, general manager of Adnams Hotels - which owns The Swan Hotel and The Crown Hotel in Southwold where bookings are up 6pc on last year said: “It is fantastic. “It is good for the community because more people coming to the town will mean that more people will be in the shops, pubs and restaurants. This leads to Southwold being more vibrant and having a sustainable future.”

Jim Brown, from Suffolk Tourism Partnership, said there were reasons to be optimistic: “Coupled with the current strength of the Euro and the credit crunch, we expect more people will consider holidaying at home.

“The website hits to Visit Suffolk over the last four months have increased greatly on a year-on-year basis.” Tourism in the county is crucial to the economy worth £1.084bn and employing 30,000 people in more than 2,000 businesses.

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