Borough launches new market boost

Ipswich Market.

Ipswich Market. - Credit: Archant

A new scheme to inject more variety into Ipswich Market and give a boost to fledging businesses is being launched early in the new year.

The “Just for Starters” promotion will give entrepreneurs the opportunity to trade on the Market free of charge for up to six weeks.

A gazebo will be erected ready for the new trader to lay out their stock, ready for a day’s trading.

During the six-week “Just for Starters” promotion, the applicant will be able to access business advice from Menta the Suffolk Enterprise Agency based at Ip-City Centre.

At the end of the six-week period, the applicant will then be offered a regular pitch at a discounted rate for a further six weeks.

Laticia Van Sertima will be the first occupant on the Just For Starters market stall starting in January.

Her stall will be packed with handmade jewellery and soaps, gift sets and ethnic bags.

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She said: “I applied for the ‘Just for Starters’ market stall as I’ve recently opened my on-line business and wanted to showcase and sell my projects on the high street.

“Obviously the cost of a retail unit is very high so a market stall is the next best thing. I love meeting new people and the market will enable me to do just that.

“In the future I would love to have my own shop but in the meantime I am happy to be building up my business day to day on a market stall.”

Ipswich councillor with responsibility for economic development Carole Jones said: “This is our latest programme to help new entrepreneurs in the town centre and follows other campaigns we have undertaken in our shopping centres.

“We wish Laticia every success in her new venture and hope it helps put her firmly on the retail business ladder.”

The new scheme at Ipswich market follows the council’s starter scheme it operated in the town’s shopping centres which encouraged entrepreneurs to open shop units on a trial basis to test the market.