Bowling to raise the roof

SAY bowls to cancer!That is the message from a Suffolk carpet bowls league, which is holding a charity tournament to help us in our bid to Raise The Roof.

SAY bowls to cancer!

That is the message from a Suffolk carpet bowls league, which is holding a charity tournament to help us in our bid to Raise The Roof.

More than a hundred people are likely to descend on Hadleigh Leisure Centre for the June tournament to raise money for a new cancer education and information centre at Ipswich Hospital.

The Evening Star linked up with Cancer Campaign in Suffolk who launched the project five years ago to build the £300,000 centre

Rita Daniels one of the organisers of the tournament from Kelsale carpet bowls club knows how important the new centre will be.

She knows people who have died from the disease and she also had a breast cancer scare herself. She did not have the disease but was called back for a second screening one day.

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Mrs Daniels from Chapel Road, Saxmundham said: "I had to wait for five days but that was sheer hell.

"It was the fact that they called me back so quickly that scared me, but I saw other people having a scan at the mobile unit and I thought, I am not alone here."

Other friends she has known have died of cancer and she also knows people who are battling it at the moment.

Mrs Daniels said: "You do think, there but for the grace of god go I."

With the entry forms for the bowling tournament she is also sending out leaflets about the cancer information centre to let people know exactly what it is all about.

The tournament takes place on June 1 from 9.30am to 6pm. There is an entry fee of £6 per pair and anyone who can play carpet bowls can enter.

For further information contact Rita Daniels on 01728 602189.


The Evening Star launched the Raise the Roof campaign to help Cancer Campaign in Suffolk (CCIS) raise the final £100,000 to put the roof on the cancer information centre.

CCIS started the project in 1998 to raise £300,000 to build the centre and are hoping to have raised the full amount to start building by the end of the year.

It is planned that at the centre the Internet will be available along with professionals for patients to find out what their condition means to them in their own time.

There will also be quiet places available for relatives or carers to be able to talk to consultants about the future for their loved ones and what the illness could involve.

The centre is also there for all sectors of the community to learn about the varieties of the disease, how to avoid risks of developing cancer, information about self-examination and what to do if you suspect a problem.


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