Bradley fights back after horror crash

IT was a telephone call she will never forget. Jackie Orton today relived the “nightmare” moment she discovered her 12-year-old son had been seriously hurt in a collision with a car.

IT was a telephone call she will never forget.

Jackie Orton today relived the “nightmare” moment she discovered her 12-year-old son had been seriously hurt in a collision with a car.

Holywells High School pupil Bradley is back at his Ipswich home after medics at Addenbrooke's Hospital ruled his health had improved sufficiently for him to continue his recovery with his family.

He suffered brain injuries in the accident in Landseer Road on June 20 and at one stage was in a critical condition.

Mrs Orton, 39, said: “I was at home and my eldest son Brandon took a call on my mobile phone from someone at the scene. When he told me what had happened, I thought he was joking.

“A young girl was on the phone saying Bradley had been hit by a car. It was awful. I thought I was in a nightmare. I just ran to him.”

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By the time Mrs Orton had reached the scene of the crash, paramedics had arrived and were treating Bradley.

“The paramedics were already there and I needed to let them do their job,” she said.

Brave Bradley, of Morland Road, was sedated for two days to speed his recovery during which time his breathing was controlled by a specialist machine.

Incredibly, he did not break any bones in the accident but doctors carefully monitored the pressure on his brain after scans revealed minor damage.

Mrs Orton kept a bedside vigil during Bradley's ten-day stay at Addenbrooke's. Family and friends looked after his brothers, one-year-old Darcy and Brandon, 14.

While he is able to walk again, Bradley's brain injuries have affected the movement in his right arm and leg and he will have to undergo extensive physiotherapy in the coming weeks and months. He will also return to Addenbrooke's later this year for a brain scan to monitor his progress.

Medics have warned Mrs Orton that Bradley's character may change as a result of his head injuries.

She said: “Bradley is doing really well. He is almost back to his old self, with all his cheeky ways, but he may have a slight personality change because the brain scan revealed some damage.

“He was very shaken up by the whole experience although he can't remember anything at all of the actual crash.

“It's been a real shock for his brother Brandon, too. He was scared we were going to lose him.”

BRADLEY Orton's mum Jackie today heaped praise on those who fought to save her son's life.

The accident in Landseer Road took place near Wynterton Close, not far from the Gainsborough Labour and Social Club.

A number of people at the club who were attending a function immediately rushed to the scene to offer their help.

Mrs Orton said: “I would like to thank everybody at the scene who dealt with what happened.

“Everybody at Addenbrooke's has been brilliant, too, especially the intensive care team who were absolutely fantastic.”

She also thanked those at Acorn House - a charity which provides parents with accommodation during their children's stay in hospital.

Mrs Orton also sent a message to the driver of the of the Peugeot 206 car involved in the accident.

“I feel bad for the driver,” she said. “She must be going through a lot.”

Bradley has been told to rest at home but hopes to be allowed back to school in September.

Mrs Orton said: “He's already bored of being at home.

“He is not allowed back to school this term but hopefully he can go back next term.

“A couple of his friends have already been round to see him and I think I will be having a few sleep-overs soon.”