'I'm just glad my kids weren't inside' — Car fire victim shares close call

Firefighters using hose reel and breathing apparatus to put out car fire

Firefighters used a hose reel and breathing apparatus to get the blaze under control - Credit: Dominic McIvor

A father-of-two has described the terrifying moment his vehicle burst into flames while he was driving - forcing him to escape before smoke filled up inside.

The Ford Mondeo filled with smoke on Bramford Road

The Ford Mondeo was filled with smoke instantly - Credit: Dominic McIvor

Dominic McIvor, a car dealer from Worlingworth, in Mid Suffolk, was driving the Ford Mondeo to the Whip Street Motors, where it was due to be scrapped.

The 29-year-old was driving along Bramford Road on Tuesday, December 22, when he noticed flames begin to shoot up from underneath the bonnet. 

Jumping swiftly out of the car, Mr McIvor ran out of the way and within seconds smoke had filled the interior of the Mondeo.

A crew from Princes Street attend the car fire in Bramford Road

A crew of firefighters from Princes Street were soon on the scene to put out the flames - Credit: Dominic McIvor

Firefighters from Princes Street were called to the scene at 2.05pm and were there within a few minutes.

They took swift action, putting out the fire with a hose reel and breathing apparatus, with the incident over by 2.19pm.

"I've had things go wrong, like the wheels fall off while I've been driving, but nothing like that before," Mr McIvor said.

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"It all happened so quickly and the fire crew was there so fast, they were so helpful and friendly, then two police officers turned up and they were just brilliant.

"Everyone acted so well and it all happened so fast.

"I'm just glad my kids weren't in the car with me, because by the time I had got out the whole car had filled with smoke.

Firefighters from Princes Street in Ipswich were at the scene in minutes

The firefighters arrived at the scene within minutes - Credit: Dominic McIvor

"Things could have turned out a lot more differently if they had been there."

Mr McIvor, who has two sons - Jacob, aged six, and Toby, aged three - said he was forced to shout at bystanders to move them out the way.

He added: "People are quick to complain about the police and emergency services but when you need them they are there are look after you, doing a great job so I think they deserve a lot more praise for what they do.

"I had a friend come pick me up and Whip Street Motors were really fantastic too, they just dropped everything and said they were coming out to get the car."

The Ford Mondeo was being taken to Whip Street Motors in Ipswich to be scrapped

The Ford Mondeo was being taken to Whip Street Motors in Ipswich when it burst into flames - Credit: Dominic McIvor