Brantham: Overweight dog loses weight on marmite diet

BRANTHAM: When Ssar the golden Labrador hurt his back slipping on ice, the mutt’s injuries meant he was unable to embark on his daily walk – causing his weight to spiral.

The poorly pooch was prescribed a raft of pain killers to ease his symptoms but a lack of exercise meant the once lean family pet quickly piled on the pounds.

But after a strict six-month diet imposed by vets in Brantham, Ssar has slimmed down to his ideal weight – and it’s all down to his love of Marmite.

Today the seven-year-old is enjoying a new lease of life, bouncing around his Bradfield home like a puppy.

Owner Judy Ward said her beloved pet is off the pain killers and loving life again thanks to the diet his vet Tom Forsyth at the Highcliff Veterinary Practice in Brantham recommended.

“He hurt himself in December, he skidded on ice and landed on his back,” she said.

“He was put on medication but it meant he couldn’t exercise and he started to put on weight.”

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Six months ago Ssar tipped the scales at 46.5kg, way above the ideal weight for a Labrador of his age.

After a returning to the vets, Ssar was put on his special diet and now weighs a lean 38.5kg after shedding 8kg or 1 stone 3.5 pounds – nearly a fifth of his body weight.

“He found it difficult to start with,” added Mrs Ward, of Windmill Road, Bradfield, near Manningtree.

“He took one look at me and looked so unimpressed.

“We had a lot of trouble getting him to eat the new food – until we mixed it with Marmite!”

The results have been “unbelievable”, claimed Mrs Ward, who said her pooch has a new energy about him.

“He is living life to the full once more, bounding around and having a great time,” she added.

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