Brave Kelly Will, of Ipswich, faces brain surgery to remove aneurysm today

Kelly Will and friends have shaved their heads for charity ahead of Kelly's brain surgery. Pictured

Kelly Will and friends have shaved their heads for charity ahead of Kelly's brain surgery. Pictured at The Dove Street Inn in Ipswich. L-R: Rev Andrew Dotchin, Bernie Howlett, Kelly Will, Johnathan Dotchin and Nigel Smith. - Credit: Archant

A young woman who was given the devastating news that she has a large aneurysm in her brain will face critical surgery today.

Kelly Will

Kelly Will - Credit: Archant

Kelly Will, of Franciscan Way, Ipswich, was diagnosed with the condition on December 4 after suffering from headaches since her early teens.

The 24-year-old was admitted to the neuro critical care unit at Addenbrooke’s Hospital where she prepared herself for a 10-hour operation to remove the aneurysm – which was described as the size of a Jaffa orange.

After a day of waiting she was told the surgery would be postponed for a week due to an audit in the theatre.

Last Monday, Kelly returned to the Cambridge hospital for an angiogram to assess her condition before surgery, but following results, she was faced with more bad news.

“Because my aneurysm is the biggest one they have ever encountered, there would be too many risks in the procedure”, Kelly said.

“They are now looking at other options – whatever procedure they decide to do will be happening a few days before Christmas.”

Kelly, who is studying for a masters degree in arts at University Campus Suffolk, said she was now making the most of all her time.

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“To be honest it doesn’t matter what time of year it is – if this hadn’t of happened I would just be at work all the time, in a way it’s the best time it could have happened because it means I get to spend time with my friends and family.”

On December 7, Kelly shaved her hair off at the Mulberry Tree pub in Ipswich to raise money for the critical care unit where she will be cared for after surgery and in just under two weeks, she has raised almost £2,500.

“No matter what happens to me the amount of good that’s come out of this is amazing and that makes me happy”, Kelly added.

Last week, Asda superstore in Stowmarket held an event to raise funds for the same cause, as well as awareness of Kelly’s story.

Community life champion, Jill Roberts organised for a collection bucket to go at the end of every till, and a stall with cakes made by colleagues.