Brave moggy Ken has gone to the dogs!

It's not a case of a cat among the pigeons - but a cat going to the dogs!

FELIXSTOWE: It's not a case of a cat among the pigeons - but a cat going to the dogs!

Staff at an animal rescue centre got a real surprise when they went in to feed and check their homeless pooches - for curled up asleep in one of the kennels was a feline friend.

The cat had decided the kennel was the purr-fect place to escape from the wild weather outside and was not fazed at all by his canine neighbours.

He probably also used up one of his nine lives to get inside, sneaking in via the roof into the secure building at the Felixstowe Blue Cross animal welfare and adoption centre.

Staff have named the black cat Ken - because he was found in a kennel - but are hoping his real owner will come forward so they can reunite them.

“It was a real surprise to see a cat there,” said Andy Gillon, manager of the centre in Walton High Street.

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“The weather was really atrocious last weekend and we think he came inside to get out of the rain, but we have no idea how he got in - one of the ceiling tiles had blown off and we think he might have sneaked in there.

“Unfortunately, he had no ID on him and was not micro-chipped so we have been unable to find out who owns him.

“He's a lovely cat and really well looked after so we don't think he is a stray.”

Ken is now living at the centre but if he is not reunited with his owners, he will be found a new home.

Mr Gillon urged cat owners to have their pets micro-chipped, a cheap and painless procedure which can be done at the Blue Cross or vets.

The chip can be scanned and the owners' details then located quickly and easily.

Anyone who thinks Ken may be theirs, or who would like to offer a home to any of the cats at the centre, should ring 01394 283254.

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FELIXSTOWE: Around 30 cats need homes at Felixstowe Blue Cross at the moment - with a waiting list of others for the centre to help.

The centre takes cats from various places to try to find them homes.

Manager Andy Gillon said: “We are desperate to find people who would offer these cats homes.

“Part of it is cats being unwanted due to the recession, others are strays, and its always worse this time of the year with Christmas coming up and the weather worsening, which means more cats will wander off, get lost and end up here.

“I would urge people to keep their cats in at night at this time of year - the changes in the weather and their general curious nature means some cats will stray, get spooked by thunder or lightning, or even have an accident.”