Bride in frantic dash to church after Rolls Royce breakdown

STOWMARKET: A newly-wed woman today claimed her special day had been ruined after the car she hired to take her to the church failed to turn up.

Louise Woolner was forced to rush out into the street and beg neighbours to take her and three other guests to her wedding at a church in the Cambridgeshire village of Waterbeach.

The 26-year-old had booked a Rolls Royce with Stowmarket-based Artisto Classic Wedding Cars but was left stranded when the vehicle broke down.

She claims no one called to warn her although the firm disputes this.

Mrs Woolner, who lives in Cambridgeshire, said: “I still feel disgusted about what happened.

“I decided there was nothing else for it but to run into the street in my wedding gear and shout whether anyone could give me a lift.

“One man who was trimming his hedge kindly offered and took me, my sister, my cousin and a friend to the church in the nick of time.”

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But Mrs Woolner said her big day, on July 24, had been ruined by the experience.

She added: “It just wasn’t the same. We planned to travel there in style drinking champagne and turning up for photos.

“Instead we turned up in a stranger’s car completely agitated.”

Sue Beckett, the joint owner of Aristo Classic Cars, said the firm had paid Mrs Woolner a full refund plus 20 per cent.

She added: “This was freak incident. In ten years in business this has never happened before.

“If a 50-year-old Rolls Royce breaks down 75 miles from our base it is impossible to get spare parts out in time.

“But we called the woman as soon as the car broke down, as did the AA and then left messages at her wedding reception.

“We sympathise with the woman but I feel we did everything we could.”

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