Broomhill Pool could reopen in three years

Hopes rose today that Broomhill Pool could be open for business again in the summer of 2013.

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By PAUL GEATER local government correspondent>

IPSWICH: Hopes rose today that Broomhill Pool could be open for business again in the summer of 2013.

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Members of the borough's executive approved a proposal to hand over the lido to a private sector operator who would restore the pool and bring it back into use.

The move has the backing of the Broomhill Pool Trust - for whom Mike Cook said it could see the pool open again in three years' time.

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The borough has short-listed three potential operators who are interested in taking over the pool, and will make a final decision on who will take it on in February next year.

If they decide that none of the potential operators have the financial stability to take on the work, the pool could be left in its current state until 2014 when its future would be re-examined.

Leisure spokeswoman Judy Terry said the �1 million dowry that had been on offer to attract an operator had not been renewed because of the financial problems facing all councils.

“However all three operators are aware of this before we go into talks with them about their proposals for the pool,” she added.

Mr Cook had asked the executive to extend the offer, but after the meeting remained confident that the long fight for the pool would have a positive outcome.

He said; “I'm 85 per cent confident a deal will be reached - we have spoken to one of the potential operators and they are very serious. This is good news for the pool.”

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