Bull Mastiff owner fined after double attack

AN Ipswich dog owner must today pay more than �2,300 in compensation after his bull mastiffs savaged a spaniel and a terrier in two separate attacks.

AN Ipswich dog owner must today pay more than �2,300 in compensation after his bull mastiffs savaged a spaniel and a terrier in two separate attacks.

However, Mark Chetty's dogs, Tyson and Dom, will not be put down - but are on a final warning that if they attack again they will be destroyed.

The pair had escaped from their enclosure at Chetty's home in Bernard Crescent without him realising.

At the 24-year-old's sentencing before Ipswich magistrates, prosecutor Lesla Small said the first occasion was on September 27 last year.

A woman was walking in Nacton Road with her Airedale terrier named Bob when she saw the two four-year-old bull mastiffs run across the street towards her.

The court heard the dogs were not under any sort of control and within a matter of seconds began to attack Bob, who was trying to hide behind her. One of the mastiffs bit at the terriers' hind quarters, while the other snapped at him from the front.

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Although scared, the woman punched the dog which was biting Bob to get him off.

Ms Small said the bull mastiffs continued their attack for four or five minutes. Eventually a man and woman in a people carrier rescued the woman and the terrier.

The second attack occurred on October 12 when Beverley Garnham was walking her spaniel Keno into Landseer Park and was confronted by Tyson and Dom. One of them sunk its teeth into Keno's rear legs as Mrs Garnham called for help and attempted to kick the dogs off.

The court heard the smaller of the two mastiffs kept coming back and pinning the spaniel down.

The incident ended after around a minute when a people used sticks to beat the bigger dog off.

Keno was left with serious injuries which cost Mrs Garnham �2,219 in vet bills.

Ian Duckworth, mitigating, stressed Chetty did not let his dogs out deliberately and was not with them on either occasion. Mr Duckworth also pointed out that at no time did Tyson or Dom turn on humans.

He said: “Mr Chetty is extremely remorseful for what went on. They were very sad horrific situations. Both these dogs have got loose from their pen. They are family pets who have got out suddenly in the space of a fortnight in two different ways.”

Chetty pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to two charges of his dogs dangerously out of control in a public place.

Magistrates ordered him to pay a total of �2,312.92 compensation to the owners of the dogs attacked, to cover their vets' bills.

Chetty must also complete 80 hours' unpaid work.

An order was placed on Tyson and Dom, which means they must be kept on leads at all times in a public place to avoid any further attacks. If there are any further incidents the dogs will be destroyed.

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