Bunny cop chase

VIDEO It usually takes a magician to make a rabbit appear and disappear again but it seems Beckham the white bunny can do it all on her own.

IT USUALLY takes a magician to make a rabbit appear and disappear again but it seems Beckham the white bunny can do it all on her own.

Beckham is missing today just days after being reunited with her family after a run-in with the police saw her caged in a cop car.

The beloved pet first absconded from her home on April 19 and was only recaptured after a police pursuit through the streets of north west Ipswich.

Now she is missing again after tunnelling out of the garden the Gooding family keep her in on Friday.

Mrs Gooding said today: “She's never disappeared for this long before.

“She does roam the garden and sometimes goes next door but she usually comes back. My daughter is getting worried about her.”

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Posters have been put up around the family's home and neighbours have been asked to keep an eye out.

During Beckham's escape on April 19, police community support officers (PCSOs) Claire Hicks and Victoria Jarrold and Pc Tony Quinton chased the bunny around their patch as Beckham weaved and dodged under cars and through gardens.

Eventually the trio cornered the illusive bunny and held her in custody for the evening while they investigated where she lived.

PCSO Hicks said: “We were in the police car and we were talking about the film Roger Rabbit when my colleague looked out of the window and saw the rabbit at the corner of Meredith Road.

“We got out and then there were three of us chasing this rabbit down the road, under cars and across gardens.

“About half-an-hour later we caught it and put it in the back of the police car. It was quite amusing.”

The following day the officers returned to the area to probe Beckham's escape.

PCSO Hicks saidd: “Knocking on doors asking if someone has lost a rabbit makes a change from asking about vehicle crime.”

The bunny was eventually reunited with her owner Laura Gooding, of Chesterfield Drive, Ipswich. The 12-year-old has owned the rabbit for more than two years and was delighted to have her pet back.

Today, her mum Jackie Gooding, said Beckham had been named because of her daughter's fondness for the footballing star.

The rabbit also lives up to its namesake by dribbling an inflatable ball around its back garden.

Mrs Gooding said: “I was surprised when the police found her - I have never heard of a rabbit being arrested before.”

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Beckham is a two-year-old large white bunny rabbit. Her owners say she has a double chin.

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