Bus horror victim urged: Tell my kids I love them

IPSWICH: An eyewitness has spoken of the dramatic moments in which he came to the aid of a man who had been trapped underneath the wheels of a bus.

Aaron Jawor, of Ascot Drive, had been enjoying a drink with pals at the Royal Oak pub, on Felixstowe Road, when the drama unfolded on Friday night.

At about 10pm Mr Jawor and his group of friends were waiting outside the pub for a taxi to pick them up when they saw a man running past, chasing after a passing bus.

The man, who is thought to be in his 20s, had come out of the pub and apparently spotted a friend on the bus but, as he tried to catch their attention, he appeared to slip and end up underneath the wheels.

Yesterday it was understood he remained in Ipswich Hospital suffering from two broken legs.

Mr Jawor, a fitness manager at Gym and Trim, in Cardinal Park, said it was “all a bit of a blur” and before he knew it, he was lying underneath the vehicle talking to the man, whose limbs were wrapped around the wheel mechanism.

He said: “I was just the first person there. We were standing outside the pub waiting for a taxi and we saw him as he ran for the bus but it went out of my view as it went round a corner. I heard people screaming and shouting that someone had been run over.

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“I ran over there and was banging on the door. The driver wasn’t in the seat but the engine was still running.”

Eventually the driver turned off the engine and Mr Jawor made the brave decision to crawl underneath the vehicle to make contact with the man, who was not talking at first.

He said: “It looked like he was caught up in the wheel and axle. I crawled under and he was quite still and I thought I didn’t know if he was alive or not. I wanted to feel if he was still breathing.

“Then he started talking. The first thing he said was to tell his children that he loved them. I couldn’t quite understand him at first.

“I had to move his head because of the position he was in – his face was down into the pavement.

“I held his head and talked to him about where he had been and just kept talking until the paramedics arrived. Then I just left.

“He was responding (to what I was saying) but it wasn’t like we were having a conversation.”

Mr Jawor, 29, said his first aid training had come in useful in preparing him to handle such a situation and he had not given it much thought before crawling under the bus to help the man, who gave his name as Michael.

After the drama Mr Jawor and his friends went back inside the pub and calmed their nerves with a few more drinks before ending the night.

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