Bus journey from Ransomes Europark to Ipswich town centre takes 75-minutes as roads are gridlocked

The newly re-profiled Nacton Road which is still causing traffic jams at peak hours.

The newly re-profiled Nacton Road which is still causing traffic jams at peak hours.

Road problems in east Ipswich have got so bad that it can now take longer to travel from Ransomes Europark to the town centre than a rail trip to the capital.

And travel planners are struggling to work out why parts of the road network around the industrial estate have become so gridlocked even after Ransomes Way has been widened.

Meanwhile there is bad news for motorists on that side of the town – from Monday the roadworks at major’s Corner will step up a gear with the slip Road beside the old Odeon closed for four weeks, meaning drivers will no longer be able to go from St Helen’s Street into Woodbridge Road. They will directed to a diversion around the St Matthew’s roundabout nearly a mile away although many are expected to look for rat-runs through residential streets. The serious problems hit Europark on Wednesday afternoon, three days after Ransomes Way reopened after being widened.

Drivers found the area gridlocked – which also trapped Ipswich Buses Service X3. Cars took up to an hour to reach the town centre while bus passengers took 75 minutes. Trains between Ipswich and London are scheduled to take about 72 minutes.

One passenger said: “I got on the bus at 5.25pm and we didn’t get into Tower Ramparts until 6.40. It wasn’t Ipswich Buses fault – they couldn’t do any more. We were just left sitting in a traffic jam at Ransomes without moving for nearly an hour.”

Police confirmed there were no incidents in the area that could have caused the traffic problems on Wednesday evening and bus company bosses were also puzzled about the cause of the delays after speaking to their drivers.