Bus lane row at Ravenswood

PUBLISHED: 18:00 11 January 2002 | UPDATED: 11:10 03 March 2010

A BUS lane on Ravenswood has become the centre of a controversy leading to police patrols after residents and others drivers regularly flouted its no car rule.

A BUS lane on Ravenswood has become the centre of a controversy leading to police patrols after residents and others drivers regularly flouted its no car rule.

The bus lane on Maryon Road leading in to Ravenswood has been exclusively a bus lane since August but growing numbers of cars and traffic in the area have meant some residents are finding it increasingly difficult to get around and leave Ravenswood.

Nick Burden is Ipswich Borough Council's liaison officer said the lane was important part of Ravenswood.

"We acknowledge that there have been some problems but these are being sorted and we are getting a bus gate put in place so that cars can no longer drive along it and the problem will be solved. It is important that the council encourages people to use public transport and this was the original thinking behind the bus lane. We want to encourage pedestrians and keep the area quiet and safe," said Mr Burden.

Mark Wymer has lived on Hurricane Way for a year and believes that by patrolling the area and fining those who use the lane the council and police are making ordinary people criminals.

"I am totally against the bus lane. Ravenswood Avenue is the road we are supposed to use but it is not enough. Contractors park all along it and when parents take their children to school or pick them up it is absolute bedlam.

"Maryon Road is twice as big and a lot of people use it. There is not adequate parking for the parents and for people coming in and out this is the most convenient way.

"I do not know any other estate which has only one entrance and exit. People have been using it but now there are police there obviously this will stop some but that is not the point. There is a great need for better roads and parking.

Thursday was the first day the police were actually at the scene and they only gave out four tickets.

Sergeant Becky Kidd-Stanton said the work the police have been doing policing the bus lane is helping to make the area safer for everyone.

"We gave people a period of grace when the lane first became a bus lane. Then we had the beat officer warning people but when it became clear this was not working we started issuing tickets.

"We had a number of complaints and since we have been up there we have had really positive feed back from some of the residents and the construction workers who have to use this road to bring their heavy vehicles through. "These cars have been causing an obstruction and someone could be seriously injured. We need to show people this will not be tolerated and help make it a safer place," she said.

Ipswich Police also confirmed they had received complaints from Ravenswood Residents' Committee. Complaints were also made to Ipswich Borough Council which were passed on to the police.

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