Adastral Park companies link up with new patent-pending wireless, shock and humidity sensor security system

The Coderus team at Innovation Martlesham

The Coderus team at Innovation Martlesham - Credit: Archant

Coderus, the software development company from Innovation Martlesham, at Adastral Park, has designed and developed a multi-platform app and embedded controller for Armco Key Security Limited, inventors of the GlazeAlarm security sensor.


GlazeAlarm - Credit: Archant

The revolutionary GlazeAlarm will be returning to this year’s Glasstec exhibition in Dusseldorf to showcase the full production alarms and the prototype control system that Coderus has developed.

The GlazeAlarm® is a disruptive internet of things home automation security product that allows glazing manufacturers to compete in the security space for the first time.

A patent-pending wireless, shock and humidity sensor system, the GlazeAlarm is installed within a double-glazed unit during manufacture and will notify the user immediately upon a breakage of the glass via an app on their chosen smart device.

It’s this app that Coderus has been instrumental in developing.

It will provide users with tools to select their safety, security and energy efficiency preferences, establish zones within their home or office and create personalised notification processes.

It uses an embedded software design that enables the wireless network hub to communicate with detectors throughout the property to provide window monitoring for breakage, intrusion protection, temperature and environmental integrity.

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Mark Thomas, CEO of Coderus said: “Working with GlazeAlarm has proved to be an interesting project for us, utilising a wide range of our skills. It’s another great example of how Coderus can provide full stack development for a joint embedded and mobile application. We look forward to being able to support the full launch of their innovative glazing security system in the coming months.”

Ian Branagan, CEO of GlazeAlarm said: “The East of England is a great place for innovation and developments across many technologies. There are many exciting technological developments happening in Innovation Martlesham and Adastral Park, which is great to be part of. Thanks to Coderus’s support we are able to provide customers with the technology they require to monitor their home or office security and energy efficiency remotely. Utilising the expertise of Coderus further highlights our commitment to innovation within the glazing and security industries.”

How it works

The GlazeAlarm® is a wireless-enabled sensor that is built into a double-glazed unit at the point of manufacture. The system gives home and business owners peace of mind that their property is safe and secure via cutting-edge sensor technology. In the event of a breakage, a local alarm will be triggered immediately and the user will be notified remotely via an app on their chosen smart device.

GlazeAlarm® is the most robust and tamper-proof glass-break security solution available today with applications in both the residential and commercial sectors.

It allows users to manage the safety and security of their premises remotely and also provides manufacturers with constant live data on the integrity and performance of each and every one of their glazed units.