Ipswich bar takes cocktails off the menu to keep queues down

Police said they were called to the scene in Helena Road, near Aurora, at around 10.41pm Picture: SA

Aurora Bar and Restaurant is not serving cocktails in a bid to keep queues down - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

A popular Ipswich Waterfront bar has decided not to serve cocktails - in a bid to keep queues down as punters return after the coronavirus lockdown.

Callum Hewitt, director of Aurora Bar and Restaurant, said: "It was something we also did last year upon reopening.

"It was a decision to allow us the best accommodate the high numbers of guests expected.

Callum Hewitt, director, at Aurora the family-owned bar and restaurant overlooking Ipswich Waterfron

Callum Hewitt, director of Aurora Bar and Restaurant - Credit: Archant

"In addition with the app ordering systems being a bit of an unknown, we wanted to ensure the bar could be quick and productive.

"Unfortunately, cocktails - while lovely - don’t always allow for the quickest serving times.

"This was a success with average wait times for drinks on Friday, April 16 being just four minutes.

"Moving forward, as the team, systems and procedures all improve, we would look to reintroduce cocktails soon."

Last week saw busy scenes outside Ipswich hospitality venues on the first weekend after the lifting of lockdown, with Isaacs calling police to help disperse quayside drinkers and closing early after it got very busy.

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