Belvoir auctions unique number plate for charity

Lee Durrant of Belvoir, Ipswich with the personalised number plate he bought at auction - with the £

Lee Durrant of Belvoir, Ipswich with the personalised number plate he bought at auction - with the £1,000 bid going to two special charities - Credit: Archant

Estate owners buy number plates and help local charities.

Lee Durrant and Jenna Bryenton, owners of Belvoir Ipswich, are the lucky winners of Belvoir Central Office’s charity auction for a unique, personalised Belvoir number plate.

The couple have donated their winning £1,000 bid to two local charities of their choice.

“The auction took place at Belvoir’s Annual Conference earlier this year and although Jenna and I go to property auctions all the time, this was the first one we’ve ever taken part in,” said Lee.

“We had been looking for a personalised number plate for a long time and so when the Belvoir plates were put up for auction, we decided to go for it. Of course we broke the cardinal sin of bidding more than we intended to, but the money has been donated to two fantastic charities and we are delighted.”

Lee and Jenna asked their staff to make suggestions for the donations and after a vote, it was decided to award £500 to two very special charities.

“We donated £500 to Brooke’s Wish to Walk,” explained Jenna.

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“Brooke is a nine-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy and underwent life-changing surgery in America to help her walk, and her family raised thousands for in order to pay for this.

“We also donated £500 to the George Woodward fund. George is a very special little boy who has been diagnosed with a serious spinal disorder and will need a lot of specialist equipment throughout his life. His mum was over the moon to receive this money from Belvoir and we couldn’t be happier, as we know how much it means to the family.”

“Congratulations to Lee and Jenna on winning these distinctive Belvoir number plates,” said Dorian Gonsalves,

“The 2015 Belvoir Annual Conference was a great success, with many of our franchise owners in attendance.

“We decided that it was us an ideal opportunity for Central Office do something fun for charity and the bidding for the number plates became quite fierce, as everyone was very generous. I am delighted that money raised from the auction has helped the children involved with these two charities.”

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