Business demands better roads, technology and training to make Ipswich prosper

Heavy traffic leading up to Ravenswood Roundabout, Ipswich

Heavy traffic leading up to Ravenswood Roundabout, Ipswich

Ipswich needs major investment in its infrastructure if it is to really reap benefits in the future according to a new business manifesto produced by the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce.

It has published a “Manifesto for Action to 2017” in a bid to ensure that the wider needs of the business community across the town are considered alongside the Ipswich Vision which concentrates on re-invigorating the town centre.

The Manifesto gives full backing to the Vision – but emphasises the need to improve roads and the town’s rail link.

It says the Suffolk Chamber’s demands for major investment in the A14 is vital for Ipswich – and says most of the junctions around the town need work to prevent them from becoming a bottleneck at busy times.

Particular attention needs to be paid to the Nacton junction and the links to the Ransome’s Europark industrial estate which still has room to grow.

However the Manifesto warns this growth would have to be dependent on improvements to the road network in the area – there are already regular traffic jams affecting the industrial estate.

It also welcomes proposals to build a wet dock crossing, easing problems in the Star Lane area and creating the “Enterprise Island” for new businesses linked to UCS,

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The Manifesto also calls for the development of new business sites at the old British Sugar site at Sproughton and an expansion of Adastral Park.

There is a need for further improvement to the town’s broadband and mobile phone coverage.

And there is a need for more training for local people – especially in areas linked to new technology.

It also wants local authorities to look again at major infrastructure projects including developing a northern by-pass to ease pressure on the A14 and the Orwell Bridge.

Ipswich Chamber chairman Dave Muller said: “A prosperous and expanding business community in Ipswich is a fundamental component of future economic success in Suffolk.

“The business community of Ipswich is up to the challenge but needs to see commitment from policy and decision makers who influence and shape the business environment in the town.

“This manifesto complements the Vision for Ipswich and lays out our priorities for clearing the way to a brighter economic future.”

A spokesman for the county council said work was already underway on improving Ransomes Way and this would be extended to Nacton Road between the A14 and Ravenswood junctions early in the new year which should ease pressure on the junctions to the industrial estate.

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