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The Shed, Sproughton antiques and collectables

The Shed, Sproughton antiques and collectables - Credit: Archant

The Shed, at Sproughton, is a virtual Aladdin’s Cave of furniture, furnishings and collectables.

The Shed, Sproughton antiques and collectables

The Shed, Sproughton antiques and collectables - Credit: Archant

It is a real surprise when you step inside.

Lesley Austin and husband Ken, who are keen restorers and collectors, have been running The Shed since February this year, with their own style and passion.

“It is going very well,” says Lesley, who scours the country at antiques fairs and local auctions, to find interesting items of stock, or for restoration.

She said: “It is going really well. We also have 20 different dealers here - we have furniture and retro items, and vintage things.

“We have one dealer who specialises in antique and vintage clothes.

“I like to have things that are a little bit unusual,”

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There are certainlyk some striking pieces, from a large decorative armoire (wardrobe) to a plush pink chause longue.

One of the dealers is upholsterer Hayley Skinner and you can sometimes drop in and watch her at work on one of her pieces.

Now The Shed is planning to team up with auctioneers to offer valuation days.

She said: “We’re partnering with renowned, local auction house, Bishop & Miller, to hold regular valuation events here at The SHEDSo you can come along with your antiques and let the experts take a look.

“Bring along as many items as you like to be valued by Oliver from Bishop & Miller auctioneers, on a first come, first served basis, and then decide to take them home, put them into a Bishop and Miller auction or sell to one of our fabulous traders. “

The first valuation date is Saturday November 19; the next is Saturday December 10.

She added: “In the new year we aim to hold valuation days on the last Saturday of each month so that you’ll remember the event. Each valuation will start at 11am and finish at 1.30pm

Bishop & Miller are happy to look at and value objects including: jewellery, watches, pocket watches, silver objects, gold, fountain pens, books & maps (pre 1900), all types of antiques, clocks, scientific instruments and slides, works of art, tribal objects, ceramics.

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