Felixstowe: Port’s big day of celebration is under way

TODAY The Evening Star pays special tribute to a world-class company at the heartbeat of life in our Suffolk patch.

We are saluting the Port of Felixstowe on a day of glorious double celebration.

In one of the most spectacular days in the illustrious history of Suffolk’s favourite resort, the port is centrepiece to a Royal visit – with the Princess Royal due to arrive at lunchtime – a community day to mark its fantastic 125th birthday celebrations.

With tough economic news dominating news bulletins we are so proud that the Port of Felixstowe is a beacon to Britain in troubled times.

Our town, our county, and our country is proud of the enterprise and endeavour which brings the port’s terminals alive every day of the year.

Let’s make no mistake, the port is a power of good in our community – and The Evening Star is a proud supporter of an organisation which is reaching new heights each year

In a special Evening Star 32-page souvenir supplement today we:

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?Reflect on the vision that saw one man create a tiny dock . . . with the hope of it being a world-beating port.

?Celebrate the bulldog spirit of his successors who made that dream come true.

?Hail the country’s leading container terminal, one of the top handful of ports in Europe and is the 32nd busiest in the world.

?Reveal that the port handles more than 40 per cent of the UK’s container traffic

?Report on a wage bill for the 2,613 directly-employed workforce pumps which more than �60 million into the local economy – much of it spent in the Felixstowe and Ipswich areas.

?Welcome The Princess Royal’s visit where she opens new, world-class, port facilities.

Last year The Evening Star celebrated its own 125th birthday – the story of our UK award-winning title has been entwined with that of The Port of Felixstowe through the years.

From one member of the 125 Club to another – many congratulations to one and all, including dynamic chief executive David Gledhill and his team.