Find out about stress management, weight loss and pain strategies at new health and wellness gym at Henley

Ipswich Sports Therapy Ltd health & wellness gym at Hill Farm Barns, Henley. Pictured are Tyrone Bra

Ipswich Sports Therapy Ltd health & wellness gym at Hill Farm Barns, Henley. Pictured are Tyrone Bray and Jo Tankard - Credit: Archant

Fitness coach and trainer Tyrone Bray and sports massage and fitness therapist Jo Tankard have teamed up to launch a new health and wellness gym at Henley near Ipswich.

The two practitioners will be based at Hill Farm Barns, which offers fitness training, injury recovery, nutrition and other advice in a converted barn in the quiet, rural location.

Jo has been offering sports massage and dealing with sports injuries at a number of different local centres and venues for the past 13 years.

While Tyrone has come into fitness training, nutrition and body health from a martial arts background. He is a teacher in the Chinese martial art/self defence system of Wing Chun.

He has been training 13 years, and teaching for 11 of them.

He said: “It is a southern Chinese form of self defence. I teach one-to-one and in small groups and I will be teaching here as well.”

Jo added: “I see myself as a fixer. When people are broken, I fix them

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“I look at the whole body, the muscles and how they are joined together. I work out where sports injuries have come from, and help to stop them happening again.”

She had been working from Basepoint Ipswich and was looking to expand and grow, she said.

“These are exciting times for us.

“It is a beautiful building in a great location, which fits in well with our aims for the business.”

They are joined by Lien Hang, who looks after mitochondrial therapy and testing, and various other visiting therapists.

“We have a large gym and training area and treatment rooms.”

The open day on Saturday, April 8 will include tours of the facilities, talks and advice.

Topics being covered include stress management, weight loss, rehabilitation and pain loss strategies, dealing with issues such as chronic pain conditions and returning to health.

Body transformation programmes will also be covered.