Roadwork traffic inconvenient for Ipswich drivers and businesses

Businesses and motorists have shared their frustration at the road works in the town centre. 

Businesses and motorists have shared their frustration at the road works in the town centre. - Credit: Charlotte Moore

Gridlock in Ipswich town centre at rush hour is frustrating drivers and businesses, with roadworks on behalf of Anglian Water and City Fibre leading to delays. 

Traffic has been backed up from Yarmouth Road to Civic Drive on Handford Road, and works in Norwich Road and Orford Street are also leading to long queues. 

One driver said he spent an hour in Handford Road, "moving one car space, or not at all, each time the lights changed green".

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said: "We aim to keep any roadwork conflicts or disruption to a minimum, however this isn't always possible.  

"There is a high volume of requests for road space being submitted for Ipswich and with the traffic management required to do this safely, there will unfortunately be some delays to the travelling public.  

"For urgent utility works, the county council can receive little to no warning of these happening, which can cause added pressure to the traffic on already busy roads." 

And it's not just motorists who are finding the traffic issues frustrating - businesses in the area are also experiencing challenges as a result of "standstill" on the roads to the north of the town. 

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Giovanni De Lellis, from Francesco Hair Salon, said: "Our salon is near to the St Matthews Street roundabout and we certainly have noticed that the traffic outside the salon is very heavy and has been at a standstill for a couple of days.  

"We have had many clients struggling to get in to their appointment with us on time, with many arriving late to their appointment as a result of the traffic.  

"The queuing has also caused access problems to our car park."

Jonathan Hare and Jonathan Williamson of Wines of Interest, Ipswich

Jonathan Hare and Jonathan Williamson of Wines of Interest, Ipswich - Credit: Lucy Taylor

And Jonathan Williamson, director of Wines of Interest, in Burlington Road, said: "Yesterday the traffic outside our shop was at a standstill from mid-afternoon, well before the busy school collection period, and that lasted into rush hour and beyond. 

"This can only get worse as more houses are built-in and around the town. 

"Traffic problems of this nature inevitably have an impact on local businesses because customers just give up trying to get anywhere by vehicle. 

"We understand that we are all encouraged to walk, cycle or use public transport, but the nature of what we sell means that customers have to be able to get to us in their own vehicle. 

"The only alternative is that we deliver to them. Either way it only works if traffic can move freely.

"Deliveries to us are also affected of course." 

And the negative impact on deliveries was echoed by popular takeaway Millers Fish and Chips. 

A spokesman said: "The roadworks have caused many inconveniences for our business.  

"When our customers want a delivery due to the heavy traffic and roadworks our delivery driver gets there late.  

"Also when our customer calls in for a collection order it takes them longer than usual to come and collect their food they've ordered."