Final party for Unit 17 promises to 'live on' in memories

A group of young clubbers enjoying the final party at Unit 17

It was the final party at Unit 17 on Easter Sunday - Credit: Unit 17

Unit 17 told revellers attending its last event that it would be going out with a bang - were you there?

Queue of people outside Unit 17 on the final night of the club

Queues of people wanting to get in to the last event at Unit 17 - Credit: Unit 17

Plenty of party-goers were out on Sunday April 17 to say goodbye to the club that has been a key player in Ipswich's nightlife scene since 1999.

Girl with bunny ears holding a sparkler as a man takes a photograph

The club promised it would go out with a bang ahead of the final chapter - Credit: Unit 17

Five people posing for a photograph at the closing night of Unit 17

Friends took the opportunity for one last night out at the popular Ipswich venue - Credit: Unit 17

And the team took to social media after the last strobe light had been switched off, writing: "What an incredible weekend it was.

Dancers bathed in pink light at Unit 17's final event

The staff team took to social media after the event to thank all the guests - Credit: Unit 17

People enjoying themselves at the last Unit 17 party

The Cardinal Park club has closed after more than two decades in Ipswich - Credit: Unit 17

"We went out with a hell of a bang!

A group of young people cheering at the photographer at Unit 17

Owners REKOM UK said Unit 17 was closing due to circumstances beyond their control - Credit: Unit 17

"Unit 17 may not be open but it will live on forever in our hearts and memories." 

A girl smiling with a girl pouting and boys pulling faces behind them

Enjoying the final club night at Unit 17 - Credit: Unit 17

A group of young people enjoying the last night out at Unit 17

Groups of party-goers posed for pictures at the big event - Credit: Unit 17

The Cardinal Park club confirmed at the beginning of the month that Easter weekend would be its last, with owners REKOM UK citing "circumstances beyond our control".

A group of young people posing for photographs at Unit 17

There was sadness on social media about the closure - but those in attendance at the last party were determined to have a good night - Credit: Unit 17

Three friends smile for the camera with their arms around each other

The nightclub announced it was closing for good at the beginning of the month - Credit: Unit 17

In an official statement, they thanked the staff and "hundreds and thousands of guests" through the years.

Hundreds of people partying at Unit 17 under rainbow strobe lights

The dance floors were packed for the final chapter in the club's history - Credit: Unit 17