Hollywood-style 'IPSWICH' sign proposed for Orwell Quay

Artist impression of the sculpture on Ipswich Waterfront

An artist's impression of the sculpture project - Credit: EDRM Architecture Design Studio

A project to create a permanent Hollywood-style 'IPSWICH' sculpture has been proposed by Ipswich Central.

The landmark, which will be built with environmentally friendly building materials and/or methods, will initially be based along Orwell Quay in front of a Waterfront backdrop.

However, each letter will be moveable so they can be set within other key locations across the town. 

Sophie Alexander-Parker, CEO of Ipswich Central, said: "The Ipswich Letters Sculpture Project will become an exciting new point of interest, place to meet and photo opportunity for residents, students and visitors.

"Our hope is that this prominent new installation will rekindle a sense of pride in our town, whilst providing an extra thing-to-see for visitors to Ipswich."

The size of the sculpture is estimated to be between 6 and 8ft tall, with the projected date for installation to be spring 2023.