Driver fined £100 after accidentally entering wrong date on car park app

Duke Street car park

Duke Street car park is operated by Ipserv. - Credit: Google maps

Council bosses have urged drivers to take care when using parking apps – or they could end up making a costly mistake.

One motorist ended up with a £100 penalty charge after entering the wrong date for a visit to the Duke Street car park in the town.

While another received a penalty notice after entering the wrong car park details when buying his parking ticket.

A spokesman for the borough said all the car parks it managed – either directly or through its service company Ipserv – had clear instructions on how to pay using a parking app and all of them gave a reference number to ensure the driver knew which car park they should pay for.

They also all warned about penalties for entering inaccurate information and gave details of how people could appeal.

Angela Chalmers bought two hours' parking at the Duke Street car park, operated by Ipserv, on March 24, but mistakenly entered March 28 when using the RingGo app.

She ended up with a £100 excess charge which she appealed to both Ipserv and the independent industry body POPLA – but was told the excess charge was valid because she had entered incorrect information.

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Mrs Chalmers said she had realised her error while parked – but the rules state you have to buy your ticket within 10 minutes of entering the park and she had bought her second ticket after that limit had expired.

She said: "I paid nearly £8, was parked for about 90 minutes, and they want another £100. This is not fair or reasonable.

"I obviously tried to pay on the day – twice – but they’re only interested in using their small print to demand money."

The council spokesman said: "All Ipserv car parks have clear information on how to pay. When using the RingGo app, the date selected is that day’s date; a user would need to change this to get another date.

"It appears the motorist appealed to Ipserv and then to POPLA (the independent appeals authority) and POPLA agreed with our decision."

The spokesman said another motorist had complained recently about getting a penalty charge after entering the number of a different park to the one he was using – but, the spokesman said, the park's reference number was clearly displayed at various points in the car park.