Ipswich pubs offer cash reward to see spiking conviction

Photo of a man pouring a pint at the bar and an insert of Leyla standing outside The Club

Leyla Edwards, co-owner of the Club, says she and other businesses are offering a £300 reward to see someone convicted of spiking - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto/ Charlotte Bond

Pubs, bars and clubs in Ipswich are offering a £300 reward, a ‘meal for two and a bottle of bubbly’ as incentives to see those responsible of spikings convicted. 

This comes after a number of reporter spiking cases in the town which has left women feeling frustrated and "let down" that not enough is being done.  

With Unit 17 increasing its safety measures earlier this month, other bars and clubs have followed suit.  

One business owner taking a hard stance against spiking is Leyla Edwards, co-owning the Club in Ipswich alongside her partner.  

Ms Edwards explained she has started a WhatsApp group with other pubs and club owners, speaking to them “daily”.  

They have even clubbed together a £300 reward for anyone who helps bring about a conviction.

The Club Ipswich has been refurbished Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

Leyla Edwards co-owner of The Club  - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

She said: “I’ve already got a chat group going. There’s 12 of us in it and we’ve already raised £300 as a reward to see a conviction of anybody attempting to spike another person.  

“If someone helps lead that person to persecution then we would reward them and if it’s multiple people we would split it or raise more money.   

“The Swan, the Duke of York, the Shamrock - they’re all involved and we speak daily.  

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“We share information between ourselves and they will also offer things like meals for two or a bottle of bubbly as an incentive to find out who’s doing this.” 

Person holding cold beer plastic cup on a music festival.

Metal detectives and anti-spiking caps are also being used at The Club - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ms Edwards added that metal detectors are employed within the club as well as anti-spike caps, the Ask for Angela Scheme and Ms Edwards herself keeping an eye on unattended drinks. 

Chief Supt Marina Ericson, of Suffolk Constabulary, said: “We are encouraging licensed premises to conduct increased bag checks, also asking them to ensure their CCTV is of a good quality and their system is working.  

"The education and awareness of staff in licenced premises is also important so they have a sound understanding of being able to spot the signs as well as the need for secure handling of glasses and drinks from a forensic point of view. 

"We are also suggesting licensed premises consider purchasing preventative tools such as screening kits that can provide an early indication if a drink has been spiked.    

"We believe that by employing some or all of these measures, members of the public will have increased awareness of the issues allowing them to be more vigilant."

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