Couple 'thrilled' as scented candle company breaks into three European markets

Ipswich home aromas business Cosy Aromas owners Paul and Tamar Mayne

Paul and Tamar Mayne with their scented candles at Cosy Aromas in Ipswich - Credit: Cherry Beesley

An Ipswich couple are celebrating after the home fragrance firm they started just three years ago in their kitchen moves into the big-time with a new distribution deal.

Cosy Aromas has signed a deal with German distributor Forster Onlinehandel which will enable its products to reach markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Since it was launched by Paul and Tamar Mayne the scented soy wax melts and candles business has made great strides delivering more than 100,000 online orders in the UK, Ireland and the United States.

It has also gathered a social media army of 66,000 Cosy enthusiasts for its collection of 120 scents. It is bringing out four new fragrances at a rate of four a month and manages 250 new orders a day.

The company employs 14 people at its Boss Hall site and enjoys a turnover of £1.1m last year and breaking into £2m this year.

Mr Mayne said: “We’re thrilled to take this step into the European market.

“We get many comments every day asking when our products will be available in their countries and we’re so pleased to be able to make a start with Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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“We can’t wait to see our partnership with Forster Onlinehandel bloom.”

Mrs Mayne said: "I never ever dreamt we would move out of our kitchen at home to be honest." She added: "Now I don't see why we couldn't dominate the world."

Forster Onlinehandel distributes a number of  home fragrance brands including US-based companies Yankee Candle, Kringle Candle and Colonial Candle.

Andreas Forster, managing director at Forster Onlinehandel  said the couldn't wait to start selling the products to customers in the three countries.

“As soon as Paul and Tamar sent their samples through to us, we knew we wanted to work with Cosy Aromas.

“The unique scents set them apart in the industry and we’re sure our customers will enjoy them as much as we do."