Ipswich restaurant's new murals in steampunk revamp

Left-hand side is a plan wall. The right-hand side is the mural

A before and after of the mural revamp upstairs - Credit: Cheddar Creative

Four custom murals have been installed at Ipswich's Forge Kitchen. 

The artwork is part of a new steampunk-inspired revamp for the Duke Street restaurant.

The theme is also present across its new website, menus, gift vouchers, posters, and a deck of bespoke playing cards.

The concept was designed by Cheddar Creative, while the four murals were installed by the Hudson Group. 

Speaking about the new theme, restaurant owners Robyn and Grant Owen said: "After what has been a really trying couple of years for so many, for us and the hospitality industry as a whole, we are beginning to feel really positive and excited about the future. 

"These stunning murals are the final piece of our puzzle!"

Rich Wood, of Cheddar Creative, said: "This has definitely been one of Cheddar Creative's favourite design projects. It has been huge fun and seeing the public's reaction to this awe-inspiring artwork has been very exciting."