'Emotional' event marks closure of Ipswich LGBTQ+ nightclub

Nightclub with people dancing

'After Party' closed its doors for the final time on Friday - Credit: Rebecca Gilchrist Photography

An Ipswich LGBTQ+ venue has marked its final night with an "emotional" event.

'After Party', a venue located in The Music Room, close to the Ipswich Waterfront, closed its doors for the last time on Friday, June 24.

Jay Austin, organiser of After Party, said he had made the difficult decision because it had become "financially crippling".

"It was sad to see it finish," he said.

"As I walked out the doors on Friday I realised it would be for the last time.

"It was very emotional."

The farewell event was a club night which featured drag queens and dancers from across the country.

"It went really well," said Jay.

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"Despite some abusive comments we got walking to the club, the performances were great and everyone seemed to really enjoy it."

Following After Party's closure, Jay now hopes to focus on his job as a dance school instructor.

He said: "I'm going to continue teaching children and letting them know it's okay for them to be who they are.

"For now, After Party is over, but who knows what could happen in the future?

"I'm sure there'll be something I could do like this again.

"Never say never!"