Ipswich MP tells businesses our ‘aspirations have been too low for too long’

Dave Muller of Suffolk New College, for EADT Business Awards 2013

Dave Muller of Suffolk New College, for EADT Business Awards 2013 - Credit: Archant

Town Topics with Ipswich Chamber of Commerce

The Member of Parliament for Ipswich has told members of the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce and business leaders from across town that ‘aspirations have been too low for too long.’

Speaking to a dinner on skills at the House of Commons recently Ben Gummer explained to business leaders that in his view, there is nothing in the water in Ipswich and its surrounding area that for some reason means ‘we are not aspirational.’

“There is no doubt that Ipswich has great access to the world of economic success.” Ben Gummer told the Dinner at Parliament. “We are less than one hour from the most influential economic capital cities in the world, we are home to leading universities and are businesses are, in my view, some of the most innovative, hard working and entrepreneurial.”

Ben Gummer went onto to explain his excitement about recent investment made in the town and the wider county from Government, the commitments made to improve road and rail and how in recent months the importance of seeing exporting from Suffolk growing above and beyond other counties around.

“We are agree with Ben that Ipswich and Suffolk must continue to ensure not only that we aspire to be the best but that we send out the clarion call to the rest of the UK and further afield.” said the chair of Ipswich Chamber of Commerce Dave Muller from the dinner in Parliament.

“Businesses also ensured Ben left knowing that for them to thrive, grow and continue to succeed the Government needs to ensure it is listening to clear messages coming from our members.” Dave Muller continued.

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“Decisions will be made shortly on such strategic infrastructure issues as the improvement of the A14 and tolling.

“If the Government does not listen to business on this then it will be problematic.”

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